We created My Blue Zone Lifestyle "MBZL" to help us live Active, Healthy, Fun, Low Stress, Lifestyles that fulfill our life's purpose.

  • The MBZL Community supports your mental and physical well-being.

  • Live in the location you prefer, our community is located in the real and virtual worlds.

  • Manifest your life's purpose. Take at least one daily action toward your purpose.

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  • Eat A Primarily Plant-Based Diet: Legumes, Vegetables, Nuts, Fruits & Whole Grains

  • Minimize Stress, Be Sociable / Social Connections. Develop A Sense Of Community, Pray, Meditate or Reflect. Take A Nap.

  • Minimal Meat / Fish Consumption

  • Consume Alcohol - In Moderation; Red Wine, Tea, Water

  • Stay Active / Regular Exercise, Keep Moving

  • Maintain A Sense of Purpose, A Reason For Living

  • Develop A Healthy Social Network

  • Get Plenty of Sleep / Rest

  • Show Mutual Respect & Transparency

  • Communicate & Act Positively

  • Claim Your Happiness Daily

  • Adapt To Changes

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Mental Health

  • Daily Moments Of Reflection

  • Build Strength Thru Community

  • Keep A UpToDate Declaration Of Purpose

  • No Tobacco Products or Illegal Drugs

  • Eating A Variety Of Delicious, Primarily Vegetarian Foods

  • Long Lasting Relationships

  • Minimal Alcohol Consumption

  • Minimal Stress

  • Staying Active


MBZL: My Blue Zone Lifestyle

Blue Zones

The original blue zones are:

  • Icaria, (Greece)

  • Okinawa (Japan)

  • Ogliastra, Sardinia (Italy)

  • Loma Linda, California (USA)

  • Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica)

The People living In These blue Zones Do Some Combination Of The Following

  • Eat A Primarily Plant-Based Diet: Legumes, Vegetables, Nuts, Fruits & Whole Grains

  • Meat / Fish are less than 5% of their food consumption.

  • Eat only until they are 80% full

  • Consume alcohol in moderation: Red wine, teas, and water

  • Minimize Stress, Slow but Sociable lifestyle

  • Have real social connections, develop a healthy social network

  • Are part of a local Community

  • Pray, meditate, or reflect each day

  • Get plenty of sleep/rest, take Naps

  • Stay Active / Regular Exercise, Keep Moving at every stage of life

  • Maintain A Sense of Purpose, A Reason For Living

My Blue Zone Lifestyle

MBZL: My Blue Zone Lifestyle

Our Community


  • Phase 1: Use multiple channels of the internet to attract a vibrant virtual community around the "My Blue Zone Living Lifestyle".

  • Phase 2: Develop physical communities (Urban and Rural) in the western USA dedicated to the My Blue Zone Living Lifestyle

  • Phase 3: Develop physical communities (Urban and Rural) in the western USA dedicated to the My Blue Zone Living Lifestyle


  • Don't Turn An Inconvenience Into A Problem


  • Respect For Each Individual

  • Balanced Healthy Living

  • Moderation

  • Materialism

  • Stress

  • Inquisitive

  • Adaptability

MBZL: My Blue Zone Lifestyle

MBZL Membership

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MBZL: My Blue Zone Lifestyle

Work Life Balance

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MBZL: My Blue Zone Lifestyle


MBZL: My Blue Zone Lifestyle


We Pets Need To
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MBZL: My Blue Zone Lifestyle

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